Emotional Grafitti (stainedwhite) wrote in sex101,
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Is anal good for women.

I've been fooling around with this guy lately. I'm not super-experienced. I've had sex with one person (not him) who I recently broke up with. Anyway, he's into anal. The idea of anal sex had never occured to me. I was just wondering if its any good for women. I know for guys its good because the prostate gets stimulated. But what about women?
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December 5 2003, 20:19:23 UTC 14 years ago

well there is no way u can orgasm its gonna hurt because your asshole is ripping and...JUST DON"T DO IT!


December 29 2003, 07:58:49 UTC 14 years ago

that isnt true...your ass hole doesnt rip. if he works it slowly, one finger at a time, it expands. and i believe women are able to get some kind of stimulation from it.


January 16 2004, 17:28:34 UTC 14 years ago

no they're not I've done it. it just feels like you gotta take a shit. use a lot of lubricant and you'll be fine. trick is to relax the muscles it'll feel kinda tight for a minute and then the muscles relax completely.
No stimulation at all for women. period. except afterwars your ass feels interesting...cuz the muscles stay relaxed for about ten mins.



January 25 2004, 19:56:53 UTC 14 years ago

my ex use to only be able to get off if we had anal. or atleast anal play. eight a dildo or my in her ass i enjoyed it she enjoyed it. anal is like everything else in life some people enjoy it other's hate it and the first time is always odd for both partners. try it and remember the key rule the more lube the better
Women can get off from anal...my girlfriend didnt think she would like it but when she tried it found out it felt really good...it also depends on if the person is willing to be patient and gentle so that it can be an enjoyable experiance.


May 12 2004, 20:31:03 UTC 13 years ago

There is nothing "good" for women from anal sex. Pressure in that area can bring some good vibes, but actual penetration can be very harmful. It damages the rectal lining - it becomes very susceptable to infection because of all the tiny rips and tears. If you use the wrong type of lube, there can be some bad results with rashes, swelling, etc. Also, since you're not "experienced" the situation would probably be very awkward. The act requires a lot of trust (on your part) and patience and concern for your partner (on his part) If you don't have that it will be difficult. I would suggest avoiding it - there are some holes that things were meant to go in, but this isn't one of them...

i once tried anal.....the tip of his penis went in me and i had to tell him to stop. my asshole was hurting real bad and i felt like throwing up.....bad experience, don't recommend it.